Monday, 10 June 2013

Potato(Aloo) Katori Chaat

It is another month with Potluck Party. Everybody showed their enthusiasm for making new dishes and post to their respective blogs and links to Jagruti link.
I was bit late today to post my recipe . I had very hectic weekend .

I have tried this recipe long ago, but didn't get time to post on blog and also waiting for my Potluck to show my new creation on Chaat Recipes.
I have tried this recipe many times, but I was not succeeded to get nice shape of katori and crispy too, unless I watched Star Plus Master Chef  program
They asked contestant to make Katori . It was nice demonstration from Chefs and all Contestants were enthusiastic also.
Initially I was feeling, it could be very hard. But now I feel very simple and I made many katoris other day.
See below are the ingredients to make Katori

For the Katori:
Potatoes 2 large 
Salt  to taste
Steel tea strainer 2
Oil for frying
Turmeric Powder 1 tsp
Corn flour  2 tbsp (See Tip below)

For  the Chaat:
Chole 100 gms (See Tip below) 
Boiled and chopped Potatoes 2 tbsp (Optional)
Onions 1 large (finely chopped)
Green chutney 1 Cup
Tamarind chutney 1 Cup
Sweet Curd 1 cup
chaat masala 2 tbsp
Roasted cumin Powder 1 tbsp
Black Powder 1 tsb
Red chilli Powder 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Sev For Decoration
Coriander leaves ( finely chopped) 

Method :

Peel and grate the potatoes. Take a bowl and fill with 1/2 litre water.Mix salt and put all grated potatoes. This is avoid potatoes to become in red colour. 
Keep the Frying pan/Kadai fill with Oil on Hot Stove. It will become to heat the oil.
Meanwhile, take handful of grated potatoes and squeeze the excess water pressing with both the hands. Spread on Kitchen towel. keep for  2-3 mins. 
Take another bowl. Mix grated potatoes,corn flour, turmeric,salt together. Keep two strainer ready.
 Take one strainer and spread grated potatoes evenly all over and then put another strainer on the top of it.Once oil is heated enough, put strainer in the hot oil. Be careful while inserting strainer into oil, there is chances of oil drops or hot vapour comes on your hand.
Fry for 3-4 mins . Then take out strainer out of oil. Remove  katori from edges first with sharp knife.Once it is removed ,Fry it after turning reversely. Fry till golden brown colour . Then remove from Oil.
Make remaining katori with left grated potatoes.
Once done, keep them on Kitchen Towel.
Take one katori on a plate. Place chole,potato pieces,pour all chutneys,curd,Put all masalas/spices according to taste. Pour Onion,Sev on the top of it. then decorate with Coriander leaves. 
Katori Chaat is ready to serve. Enjoy..!!

Tip :

The layer should be thick enough otherwise katori will break
Corn flour may be added if you do not feel stickiness in potato.
You can also use canned Chole. Or soaked Chole 6-7 hours and boil for 6-7 whistle in a cooker.
If you are conscious of health, you can bake this in the oven. Take Muffin tray, Greese holes with oil, Spread grated potatoes evenly.Keep preheated 180 deg c.
Happy Cooking!!

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Received an  Kabile Tarrif Award in Jagruti's Potluck Party.


  1. Pradnya, you mastered it. I saw that programme too..:) chaat looks tempting !! thnx for linking it to my events.

    1. Thanks Jags. I wanted to try something different this time so tried and came out well :)

  2. thank u for the yummy recipe...made it for potluck

    1. You are most welcome Shama. I delighted that you loved it :) Hope you haven't burnt your hand/palm in smokey oil :)