Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Uttapam and Udad dal ki chutney

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On the other day, I visited to my friend's house. She is a south Indian . She served us uttapam and podi.
It was too delicious. I have noted down the recipes. Please find below. and please let me know, if you know better than this recipe.

Uttapam :

Ingredients :
1 cup Udad dal
2 cup Rice or rice powder.
salt to taste.
1 onion fine chopped.
2-3 green chilies fine chopped.
1 stick curry leaves. (5-10 leaves)
1 tsp baking soda.

Procedure :
First soak the dal and rice for 4-5 hrs . Then wash it properly. and grind in a fine paste.
If you use rice powder instead of rice then , after grinding udad dal, mix powder in it.
mix salt and baking powder and keep it aside for another 10 hrs in a warm place.
Switch on the gas and keep tawa on a gas.
Mean while, mix chopped onion, green chilies, curry leaves and tomato if possible.( i didnt mention in ingredients).
greese the tawa with oil. the spread the batter with laddle. Check the the thickness of batter by adding sufficient water.
once it is cooked on one side, spread 1 tsp oil corners of uttapam and put some on uttapam.
once it is done turn the side and keep til get brown color.
Once it is done, remove from hob.

Udad dal ki Chatney :

Ingredients :
Udad dal 100 g
Chana dal 25 g
Red chili whole 3-4
curry leaves 5-6
garlic cloves 4-5
coriander powder 3 tsp
jeera 2 tsp (or u can use jeera powder also)
salt to taste
oil 1 tsp

Procedure :
First roast the udad dal for 4-5 mins.
then take oil in a pan . once it is heated, add chana dal . let it fry in oil once it changes the color add, red chili sticks,garlic, jeera,coriander powder,salt ,curry leaves. Once it it fry properly . remove from gas.
put into blender pot for fine powder.
Eat this powder with butter or ghee when you make uttapam . You can use same chutney with idli or dosa too.. :)

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