Thursday, 13 February 2014

Laccha Paratha – Multi Layered Indian Bread

In Hindi, Laccha means multi layered or group of folds.

While reading about Laccha Paratha, I always   used to   think, how difficult it could be.   But when I tried and ate it-especially, then I realized, I was really missing the beauty of Laccha Paratha.
We can make it with different variety and ingredients. But I did with ingredients which should easy to digest and healthy.
Wheat Flour - 2 Cup
Salt - to   taste
Oil - 4 Tbsp As per requirement (Some of the Oil will be use to shallow Fry Bread)
Warm Water – 1 Cup
Equipment Needed:
A  Big Mixing Bowl
Griddle (Frying Pan- if Griddle is not available)
Flat Spoon
Flat board (Wooden Chopping board would serve the purpose)
Rolling  Pin
Take a Mixing bowl. Sieve the flour and salt together. Add 1 tsp oil   and mix the flour till it feels like crumbled. Add some warm water slowly and knead the dough till it becomes soft and smooth.  Rest it till another 15 mins.
Heat the Griddle on Hob.
Make the equal portion of dough. Take one portion and make round ball. Flatten little and roll in a round shape .
Spread Oil on the Roti and sprinkle some flour . Then make a fold like we do paper fan .
Roll it out and flatten little. 
Roll in round shape again without using much dusting flour.
Put the Roti on Griddle and turn once it cooked on one side. Spread oil on it and turn again.
Once it is cooked on both side, keep it away from fire. and serve with any Curry.
Happy Cooking..!!

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