Friday, 24 July 2009

Kadai Paneer

I tried kadai Paneer in june, but I didnt get much time to post as I was busy with my stuff and kitty parties ;).
It is very easy and cook without oinion.

Ingredients :

Paneer 1 bowl
Pepper chopped 1 bowl
Choped Tomatoes 4
red chili whole 3-4
coriander seeds 3 tbsp
oil 2 tbsp
garlic chopped 8-9
red chili powder 2 tsp
turmeric 1 tsp
salt to taste.

Procedure :
First roast red chili and coriander seeds and grind coarsely in a grinder.
Then take wok , add above powder in oil. Then add garlic, once it is cook , add chopped tomatoes.
then salt ,add grind powder and remove from flame. Once it cool, grind in mixie for fine paste.
Then take wok, add few oil. Add grind powder, add paneer pieces,fry well then add capcicum pieces . Once it is cooked,pour paste into it and mix well. Cook it till get tender. Ready to serve with roti or naan.


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  1. wooow!... it looks so good. feels like puting into my mouth right now!. I love paneer.