Friday, 24 July 2009

Tandoori Roti without tandoor

Every body likes tandoori roti very well. But a keep question how to make with out tandoor ?
So I found very easy way to make tandoori roti in toaster . and u trust me, it is really delicious to taste.
It is very simple and easy to cook. Below procedure is for serving 2 people.

Wheat flour 2 cup
luke warm water to need dough
oil 1 tbsp
salt to taste


Take a bowl , put wheat flour . Add oil , salt in it. and mix well. Knead the dough by adding little water.
Make dough soft in touch . Once it is done , cover the dough with wet cloth and keep aside for 1/2 an hr.
After 1/2 and hr, knead the dough nicely . Heat the griddle.
Take a small ball of dough . Roll the ball in 4 mm in thick and 4 inch in length (to fit nicely in toaster).
Place on griddle.dry it till liitle brown color. then invert and do the same.
Once it it done , put in toaster and set the time for 3 mins and heat it in toaster.
Once it turns to balloon size , remove from toaster and brush little butter .
Serve hot with your fav subji . :) Please leave ur comments or questions if you have.

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